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Railway Station

Bognor Regis Railway Station

Originally, there was no station in Bognor Regis! In 1846, a station was built in Woodgate which was over three miles away from Bognor town centre! This meant many travellers had to walk all this way, except the rich who often used flies.

This station was closed in 1864 when it was replaced by the Barnham to Bognor branch line which still remains today. Although the railway line remains, the original Bognor station has been replaced over the years due to damage from strong winds and fire. The station that we see today was built in 1902.

Did you know?

A fly is an old fashioned taxi the rich used for travelling.

Bognor Station

Bognor Railway Station Exterior - Copyright of Cartland (1979) Bygone Bognor - Picture 40

Bognor Station Interior

Picture 20 - Bognor Railway Station Interior - Copyright of Cartland (1979) Bygone Bognor - Picture 41