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Hotham Park


Hotham Park was named after Sir Richard Hotham, a hatter from London.

In 1787, Sir Richard arrived in Bognor and decided to transform it from a small fishing village to a fun seaside resort, like Brighton, in order to encourage royalty and the rich to visit.

Richard Hotham

Sir Richard Hotham - Copyright Sylvia Endacott

Did you know?

Hotham Park was named after Sir Richard Hotham, a hatter from London.

A hatter is a person who makes and sells hats!

In 1792, Sir Richard Hotham built and lived in Hotham Park House which still remains in the park today (originally called Chapel House). The Ice House was built as a refrigerator to serve the residents of the house.

Take a look at these two buildings whilst in Hotham Park.

Hotham House

Hotham Park House - Copyright of Young (1983) A History of Bognor Regis - Picture 100

Hotham house included a clock tower which was hand wound until 1994. The clock tower remains with the house today but thankfully, nobody has to hand-wind it everyday now!

Sir Richard Hotham passed away in 1799 however, his legacy in Hotham Park still continues today.

Modern Hotham Park

Hotham Park, as we know it today, was first opened to the public on the 23rd May 1947, when it was purchased by Bognor Regis Arun Council.

There are many things to do here in Hotham Park. Come and see for yourself!

  • Take a trip on the miniature railway
  • Explore the adventure play area
  • Have a swing at the miniature golf course
  • See what plants and animals you can find around Hotham Park and in the Discovery Garden
  • Sail away on the boating lake
  • Finish your adventure with a refreshing drink from the cafe!