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The Dome


The Dome is located within the University of Chichester and was built by Sir Richard Hotham, the founder of modern Bognor Regis. The Dome was part of three houses which made up Hothampton Cresent. The other two houses are still standing today and are called St. Michaels and Mordington.


See if you can find his plaque on the wall of The Dome!

The Dome

The Dome - Copyright of Cartland (1979) Bygone Bognor - Picture 12

St Michaels

St. Michaels - Copyright of Cartland (1979) Bygone Bognor - Picture 10


Mordington - Copyright of Young (1983) A History of Bognor Regis - Picture 6

Since the days of Sir Richard Hotham, the Dome has had many uses. After the Second World War, the Dome was purchased and used as an emergency teaching centre for ex-armed forces to do a one year course in teaching. The first principal was William Roy Macklin.

The Dome is now used as part of the University of Chichester which continues to train teachers today!